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Jl. Gandaria V, Jagakarsa Jakarta Selatan Tlp. : 7270842










Mata Pelajaran         : Bahasa Inggris

Hari/Tanggal            : Rabu, 30 Maret 2011

Waktu                      : 07.30 – 09.30 ( 120 menit )




  1. Tulislah nomor peserta Anda pada Lembar Jawaban.
  2. Periksa dan bacalah soal-soal dengan teliti sebelum menjawab.
  3. Dahulukan menjawab soal-soal yang Anda anggap mudah.
  4. Kerjakan pada lembar jawab yang disediakan.
  5. Beri tanda silang (X) satu pilihan jawaban  pada Lembar Jawaban yang Anda anggap benar.
  6. Apabila ada jawaban yang dianggap salah, dan ingin diperbaiki coretlah dengan dua garis mendatar pada jawaban yang salah kemudian beri tanda silang (X) pada huruf jawaban lain yang diangggap benar.








Berilah tanda silang (X) pada huruf a, b, c, atau d, untuk pilihan jawaban yang Anda anggap paling tepat pada Lembar Jawab yang tersedia !







What does the notice mean ?


a. We  may step on the grass

b. We must  step on the grass

c.  We have to step on the grass

d. We are prohibited to step on the grass.




  1. What does the text mean ?





Watch For




a.You have to drive the car in carefully 15 km per hour

b.You can drive car in or more than 15 km per hour

c.You are prohibited to drive car 15 km per hour

d.You have to take children 15km per hour







    You have done your fantastic performance

    You are real winner, we are so proud of you

    Mum and Dad












Which statement is incorrect about Franky ?


a. He got a medal as a prize

b. His uncle were very happy

c. He is the winner of a competition

d. His Mam and Dad were happy for him





To  : Putri

Congratulations to your success to go to next grade IX

From Jaka,












From the text above, we know that ...


a. Jaka fails in her school

b. Putri  fails in his school

c. Jaka succeed in his school

            d. Jaka and Putri are classmate


















  1. When will the celebration be held ?


a. Sunday,May 29, 06.00 p.m

b. Saturday,April  2, 06.00 a.m

c. Saturday,May  29, 06.00 a.m

d. Saturday,May 29, 06.00  p.m




To  : Every student

Please attend the meeting today,we will talk about studyclub at about  14.00 pm after school in the library.











When will they have a meeting ?

a. at night

b. in the morning

c. in the evening

d. in the afternoon


  1. Read the text for answer number 7, 8, 9 and 10!


Feb 15, 2011, 13:57 GMT  Jakarta - An earthquake measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale struck Indonesia's Central Sulawesi province late Tuesday, but there were no immediate reports of injury or damage, the Indonesian seismology agency said.

The quake struck at 8:33 pm Jakarta time (1333 GMT) and its epicentre was about 143 kilometres south-east of Poso district, or about 1,680 kilometres north-east of Jakarta, the National Meteorology and Geophysics Agency said. It occurred at a depth of 21 kilometres, it said.

What does the text tell about ?

a. earth quake

b. explosion

c. eruption

d. flood

  1. Where did the earthquake happen ?

a. South Sulawesi

b. North Sulawesi

c. Central Sulawesi

d. Sulawesi Province


  1. What does the word “it “ in last paragraph refer to ?

a. Jakarta time

b. Kilometres

c. The quake

d. Poso

10. It occurred at a depth of 21 kilometres, it said


What does the underlined word mean ?

a. held

b. became

c. happened

d. well done   



 125 William Street,

Perth, Australia

Monday, March 7th

Dear Margo and Daniela,


I want to thank you very much for the lovely dinner party last Saturday evening. Ray and I had a wonderful time.


The food was delicious! We really enjoyed it, especially the pink champagne. Is it expensive to make? I have decided to cook it for my next dinner party.


We hope to meet you one day. Thank you.

See you soon.


Barbara and Raymond


                What is the perpose of the text ?

            a. To give information

            b. To receive information

            c. To receive  for invitation

            d. To thank for dinner party invitation


12.   Who sent the letter ?

a. Margo

b. Daniela

c. William Street

d. Barbara and Raymond






Jl. Pujangga 29 


April 20, 2005  


                Dear Putri,


Putri, I’m so glad knowing that you and your family will come here next   holiday. We haven’t seen each other for a long while. I miss you so much. If you come here, I will show you a new park in my town. It is a nice place, you know.

You informed that you and your family will go by train. However, I don’t know when you will come here exactly. Please tell me the time, so I can pick you up.


O.K., that’s all for now. Please reply soon. Love to auntie, uncle, and Raka.






Where do Putri and her family go to take the transportation ? 

a. Port

b. Air port

c. Bus way

d. Railway station




  • Healthy Skin  & Coat
  • Firm Stool Quality
  • Strong Bones & Teeth
  • Strong Muscles
  • Cheerful & Active












What kind of the text is it ?

a. Prohibition

b. Caution

c. Notice

d. Label




  • Healthy Skin  & Coat
  • Firm Stool Quality
  • Strong Bones & Teeth
  • Strong Muscles
  • Cheerful & Active














The text above is signs of good healthy of ...

a. dog

b. duck

c.  snake

d. chicken       

  1.  A sign of good healthy is strong  muscles.  

The underlined word means...

 a. skin

 b. bone

 c. brawn

d. skeleton



A cute  “Mona “


            One of the most interesting pet animal is a dog. Mona is the  name of Putri’s dog,she is very cute.She has white fur but some is  black. She is very smart dog, if Putri comes  home she always wags her tail. She also has strong teeth and paws, she can run fast too.

She usually eat pedigree ( kind of dog food ) for her breakfast , sometimes she likes to  eat “ baso “.She drinks milk three time in a week.


What colour is Mona’s fur ?

a. white

b. black

c. black and white

d. brown and white


18.   The main ide of the first paragraph is ...


                                  a. Mona usually eat pedigree

                                  b. Mona drinks milk three time in a week

                                  c. One of the most interesting animal is a dog

                                  d. A dog is one of the most interesting pet animal


19.   Mona also eat ...


a. milk

b. meat

c. bread

             d. peanut



20.   What is the purpose of the text ?


a. To describe a dog

b. To give information

c. To describe Putri’s dog

d. To describe a pet animal










Only Rp.1500.000 net/ 2 nights  for oneBedroom Luxurious .Includes :

Return airport transport, welcome drink, daily breakfast, fruit basket, flower arrangement.

For enguiries, please contact : Mrs Hamik / (021) 8481249

Or direct to Hotel Kubu Seminyak

Jalan Raya Seminyak Gg Plawa No. 33F Kuta, Bali.
















Where is the Hotel located ?

  1. Kubu Seminyak
  2. Kubu Seminyak Hotel
  3. Jl Raya Gg Plawa no 33F Kuta,Bali
  4. Jl Raya Seminyak Gg Plawa No.33F Kuta, Bali


22.   How much does it cost for a night ?


a. Rp.500.000

b. Rp.750.000

c. Rp.1500.000

d. Rp.3000.000


23.  For enguiries, please contact : Mrs Hamik / (021) 8481249


      The undelined word means...

      a. call

      b. use

      c. direct

      d. connect



Once upon a time there lived a grand mother with her son named Malin kundang   in a forest. They were very poor .One day Malin wanted some change in his life,then he asked his mother ” mom would you let me go away and try my future ? ”


 ” What ? if you leave me ,I will be alone Malin ”


But not long afterward his mother let him go. ” Thanks mom,please pray for me  I promise that I’ll be back as a rich man”  Everything was changed,a rich family asked Malin to marry his daughter,because she was beautiful and very rich,so Malin agreed to marry her,now Malin forgot about his promise to his mother.


Many years later when his mother came to see him ( because too long they don’t meet each other ), her son Malin Kundang was changed too, he refused his mother,he said that he didn’t know his mother

      Finally his mother was angry with him and cursed him turn in to a stone



      What kind of the text is it ?


      a. Report text

      b. Narrative text

      c. Prosedure text

      d. Descriptive text


25.  Why did Malin Kundang want to leave his mother alone?

a. He wanted to marry a rich girl

b. He will come to see his mother

c. He wanted some change in his life

d. He was changed too and forgot his promise


26. A rich family asked Malin to marry his daughter,because she was beautiful and very rich,.....................


What does the underlined word refer to ?

a. Daughter

b. A rich family

c. Malin Kundang

d. His grand mother



27.  What moral value can you take from the text above ?


a. We have to gain our parents

b. We have to  obey our parents     

c. We have to leave  our parents

d. We have to live with our parents



 28. .













Who gives the announcement ?


a.Students do

            b.Teachers do

c.The School Principal does

d.Student s and Teachers do













            Who is in charge for the meeting for basketball program?

  1.                               a.            The girls
  2.                               b.            Mr Elder
  3.                                c.            The Coatch
  4.                               d.            The Principal


30.   When will the meeting start?

  1.                                a.          At about 4.15 pm
  2.                               b.          Around 4.05 pm
  3.                                c.            At 4.50 pm
  4.                               d.      At 5.00 pm



















            Where can we find cacti mostly?

  1.                                a.            In the jungle.              
  2.                               b.      On the beach.             
  3.                                c.      On the mountain.
  4.                               d.      On the arid and hot region.







32.  What is the first paragraph telling us about?


  1.                                a.          The members of cacti.
  2.                               b.            The habitat of cacti.
  3.                                c.            The usage of cacti
  4.                               d.            Types of cacti


33.  “Cacti are unusual and distinctive plants, which …”

                  The synonym of the word “distinctive” is …

  1.                                            a.            typical
  2.                                           b.            antique
  3.                                            c.            unique
  4.                                           d.            different


34.  The text is written to ….


  1.                                a.            give information about American cacti
  2.                               b.            explain physical feature of cacti
  3.                                c.            describe cacti in general
  4.                               d.            tell cacti ‘s life






















What’s the text about?


  1.                    a.            The instructions to prepare crisp roast duck.
  2.                   b.            What’s needed to make some food.
  3.                    c.            The steps to make a delicious food.
  4.                   d.            How to make crisp roast duck


36.  What do we need to prick the skin of the duck?


  1.                                a.            Salt.
  2.                               b.            Black pepper.
  3.                                c.            A sharp fork.
  4.                               d.            Boiling-hot water.


  1. 37.    “.Roast duck, ………. then remove  it  from the oven.” 

       The word “ IT” refers to …

  1.                                a.            Rack
  2.                               b.            Fork
  3.                                c.            Oven
  4.                               d.            Duck


38.  “Prick skin all over with a sharp fork.”


       What is the meaning of the underlined word?


  1. Make a small hole in something.
  2. Brush something on the surface.                                
  3. Pull something on the body.
  4. Cut something into a small size.











The scout meeting is cancelled because of Mr Brown’s….  

  1. absence
  2. meeting
  3. coming
  4. information


40.  According to the text which statement is true ?                 

  1.                                a.            Dona isn’t a scout member
  2.                               b.            Riry went to Egypt with Mr. Brown
  3.                                c.            The message was sent to all students
  4.                               d.            The message is only for Scout member       


41.   ‘’Please forward to others…”

                 The  word others refers to …

                               a. Dona and Riri

                              b. Scout members

                               c. Riry and Mr Brown

                              d. Mr. Brown and Dona






    There are four  seasons pring, summer ,autumn ,and winter . [42]. . . . the Northern.

    Hemisphere autumn covers the entire months of September,October and . . [43]

    We known as the season for harvesting crop,autumn is also associated with .[44] . .

 Colored follage.

    American people often. .[45] ….to the countryside to admirethe. .[46] .. . . leaves.
















  1. In                                      
  2. At

c.    On

            d.   By


43.   a.  November                                   

             b.  December                         

c. January

d. February


 44. a.  leave                                  

       b.  visit                                  

c. search

d. go



a.  dry                                       

 b.  green                                

c. dark

d. yellow



a.  nicely                                

       b.  lovely                               

c. brightly

d. kindly


 47.  .  is veryBali place visit beautiful  -  a to

       1       2         3          4          5